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Nebraska's Journey

On the 21st March 2015, Nebraska, our multi champion, Malinois was running for his ball, as he would normally do on his walks, when he stopped suddenly and screamed, his rear leg went stiff and on first inspection our thoughts were a broken leg, after a few minutes he relaxed and appeared to be ok, other than a slight limp and a little unsteady on his rear legs. We decided to gently walk him around for a while and see how he went. He appeared to be back to normal and keen to chase his ball, although we refused him and kept to a gentle walk.

30 minutes later he jumped back onto our van and sat in his cage for the 5 minute drive back home.

When we came to get him off the van 10 minutes later he had no use of his rear end. We rushed him to the emergency vets. They administered pain killers and steroids but could offer very little else, my own vet was away till the monday so we decided to wait and get his opinion before looking at other options.

When we arrived home we felt completley lost in what to do for him. I decided to see if t5here was any info on the internet. Straight away i found what i was looking for, it was called a fibrocartilaginous embolism, basically a stroke in the spinal cord, recovery was normally good so that gave us some hope.

After seeing our own vet, he confirmed what i had read that it was in fact an embolism in the spine


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