Here you can  see some of our dogs on their own page, we don't show all of them, some are just simply pets, and some have been bred by us but owned and loved by others



The Malinois is our main breed. We have have been very successful since having them. Our first litter produced " NEBRASKA", the all time Breed Record Holder who at the time of writing has an incredible 27 CCs and 5 res CCs.

We have gone on to produce further champions within the breed and have exciting plans for the future.

We also prefer the Malinois for its character, although they can be very difficult at times, their affection and funny ways make it worthwhile



The rarest of the 4 varieties.

We started with the Laekenois by importing our first one from Christine Bouchat of the D'eroudur kennel in Belgium, Gabrielle, followed very quickly by Ghiana and Haramis from the same breeder.

They can be very difficult at times and are probably the hardest out of the 4 varieties

being very excitable but i also think they are the most affectionate and certainly have the most character.

We have also done very well  with the Laekenois, with Ghiana, who is a one in a million dog, being one of the most successful Laekenois ever in the UK


We have had moderate success with the Tervueren but don't show them as much now as we would like due mainly to concentrationg more with the Malinois and Laekenois, we do still breed them occasionally in the hope something great comes along (Lol).

We have found these along with the Groenendael to be  easier than the Malinos and Laekenois, they are not so high drive and can fit into family life with more ease.

They are more suited to the first time Belgian owner along with the Groenendael.



We do not show the Groenendael any more but still keep a few as pets, again they are very similar to the Tervueren in their temperament and ways.