Belgian Shepherd  Rescue page


                                                                              Oldies Club                                                                                                                                The official BSDA rescue site can be found on the link above.


                                                              After running the BSD rescue for the BSDAof GB for a couple of years , 

                                        we found we had not got the time to devote to it full time. How ever as we already had this page going 

                             we thought we would continue with it t as more Belgian shepherds and their crosses seem to be looking for new homes.

               Therefore I will be posting pictures of any dogs, pure bred or part Belgians on this page, if you are interested in any then please call 


                                                                               If you are interested in any then please contact

                                     Deborah Lloyd    Tel, 01384 221612   e'mail





                            Believed to be around 13 months old,Female. probably Malinois crossed with German  

                                        shepherd, currant home is already her 5th so has not had a good start.

                                         She is not getting on with the other dog in the household (bitch).

                                               She would be best in a experienced home with no children.  

                                                       She is based in  the London area at the moment.