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  Welcome to BELSHAROSE,  home to all four varieties of Belgian shepherds    

  Laekenois, Malinois,  Tervueren, Groenendael. 


        The Laekenois



  Gabrielle D'eroudur Avec Belsharose


  giorgia bsda 4-08 shaded.jpg (138620 bytes)                                          

                                     Tervueren                                       Groenendael                                            Malinois 



Top Malinois Breeders 2011 - 2012








CH Belsharose Nebraska 



24 CCs - Pastoral Group Winner


Top Malinois 2011 & 2012


Best of Breed CRUFTS 2012


Best in Show - NBSDA 2013


  -  New Breed Record Holder -


Top Male Malinois 2010 - Dog CC - Reserve Best of Breed - CRUFTS 2011




Bonvivant Ombrage at Belsharose


Top Malinois Brood Bitch 2012 - 7th Top Brood all Breeds


Top Malinois Brood Bitch 2011









sr Ghiana D'Eroudur at Belsharose 



  BEST OF BREED - CRUFTS 2010 & 2011  - BEST IN SHOW - BSDA club Open show 


RESERVE BEST IN SHOW at the BSDA club champ show 2009 & 2013


Over all Entry of 215 Belgian Shepherds -  First LAEKENOIS to win this award at ch show 




 Top Laekenois 2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012


- Gains her SR Title in France




Haramis D'Eroudur at Belsharose


 Top Male Laekenois 2009-2010-2011-2012




Belsharose That's A First 


Top Laekenois Puppy 2011





Gabrielle D'Eroudur Avec Belsharose


 Top Laekenois in UK 2008   - Top Laekenois Puppy in UK 2008 






  The main difference in the varieties is their coats

  To learn more click here   


  Belgian shepherd Breed Standard - UK

 Belgian Shepherd Breed Standard - FCI

  Article on Laekenois, see here






                  ABOUT US


 We are Deborah and  Paul Lloyd and we come from the heart of the Black Country,

 for those of you who do not know that's in the west midlands, we now live on the 

 border  of the West Midlands and Staffordshire, right out in the country.

 We also have 10 acres of land where our dogs can freely run and enjoy themselves

  Our dogs are not kennelled and all are classed as part of the family


We are not a business but do this simply as a hobby,

We make no money from anything we do with the dogs, any monies left over from rearing a litter of pups goes straight back on the dogs


  We have 5 children, who all take a vast interest in the dogs,

  Paul is a the vice chairman of the Belgian Shepherd Dog Association of GB (BSDA)


   Paul also judges at open show level and is currently on

   the B  list, I used to run the Belgian Shepherd Rescue for the BSDA. for

  2 years but have now given it up due to lack of time to put into it what it requires.

   I have recently gone on the c list for judging after we both passed the BSDA Breed specific exam.

  We have also passed the construction & Movement exam and the

  Requirements of a dog show judge, Rules & Regulation



  We have owned dogs all of our lives but started showing in 1995


  We mainly show the Belgian Shepherds, all four variaties,

 Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois,Laekenois  


The affix "BELSHAROSE"

in order for people to easily recognise who bred/owns a dog we have what is called a Affix, a name unique to that person that no one else is allowed to use, they are obtained from the kennel club, in other livestock the same system is  used, i.e, pedigree sheep, pigs etc

It is used when registering offspring, so for example if we have bred a litter then the affix is the first word used on the animals registered name, if you own a dog but you did not breed it then the affix can, if you want to, be added at the end of the dogs name

This makes identification very simple.


How did we choose the name Belsharose?

At the time when we started showing our dogs we had 3 female dogs, 2 German Shepherds and our first Belgian shepherd (Groenendael)


Their pet names were

 Belle - Sharna - Rosie



                                                                                        Deb &Paul 


 We hope you enjoy your visit here and come back soon as this site is regularly updated.

  Please sign our guest book and tell us what you think.




All information and materiel on this website is all my own opinion based on my own experiences

and in no way do I suggest any one copy what I do. It is there to share and people must make their own decisions regarding all matters through their own research

No liability will be accepted


             Deborah Lloyd



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